Horticultural plants

Horticultural plants

We offer horticultural reproduction services in sterile in vitro conditions (micropropagation). Highly specialized equipment, infrastructure, team of experienced staff and constant cooperation with Polish academics enable us to meet all challenges.

What are the real benefits of micropropagation?

– in a relatively short time span we can produce thousands of genetically identical seedlings from very few plants
– no weather risk – reproduction takes place in a closed laboratory throughout whole year
– the seedlings are free from diseases and pathogens (even if they come from maternity plants that have been infected with the diseases)
– possibility of obtaining plant seedlings from plants which are:
— difficult to reproduce
— tend to lose features
— demanding to reproduce specific climatic conditions difficult to obtain in our climate or under cover
— very rare

How is it done?

Isolation and introduction of plants to in vitro conditions

At this stage, the tissues are collected from the plants (meristems) and then placed on the medium. Each specie and sometimes even a variety require a different medium. They differ in the content of nutrients, plant growth regulators and pH. Choosing the right medium is also an important part of the process so is the picking up the right and healthy tissues.


There are two stages in the multiplication process. Division of plants in laminar tables and growth and propagation of plants in jars in growth rooms. In both of them it is important to ensure the highest possible sterility, correct temperature and light required by the species  in growth rooms.


When a number of seedlings has been reached, the plants are transferred onto another medium that stimulates the rooting. Like in the case of propagation, the processes occur in laminar tables and growth rooms while maintaining all sterility, temperature and light requirements.


Rooted plants are transferred into the nursery, where they are adapted to growing under favorable climatic conditions (external conditions).